Last Sunday, July 28, I went to the Urban Portrait workshop, taught by the Argentine photographer, based in Barcelona, ​​César Lucadamo. The workshop was organized by Fnac, Argilun and Photogune.

On Friday July 26 at 7:30 p.m. there was a presentation by Lucadamo with a projection on the history of the portrait in the street.

Sunday’s workshop was held at Photogune‘s facilities and on the street, in the Gros neighborhood, around the Kursaal, in full jazz.

The program was a small theoretical introduction to the portrait, practices in the street with installation of 3 posts with black backgrounds where the participants were divided into small groups that rotated through the stalls, food and selection and comment of the photos again in the facilities of Photogune.

The group was very good, I knew part of the attendees and the day was cheerful and productive. A little hard to approach the public to ask him to pose, because it was not a stolen portrait. I could not change in a morning a lifetime of shyness.

This is the picture of the happy group at the end of the hard work day (which doesn’t end here):