TTAP magazine #59

The sport of the Basque ball, as we know it today, is the result of the evolution of the French “jeu de paume” in the game of “Largo” in the Basque Country, in which the ball is driven by hand or with a leather glove from one side to another of a field divided by a stripe and, later, in the game of “ble”, name derived from the Basque-French word “blaid”, with the fundamental peculiarity that the ball goes against a wall or pediment.

The serve, in this game, is not as important as in men’s tennis, but even so, the player who performs it must have a great degree of concentration, to get to combine the most appropriate kinematics and dynamics to take advantage of this launch of the game, the serve, which is the only one that depends only on the player.

Men & women “pelotaris” concentrate so much on the serve that they seem to be one with the ball.