003 Otzazki

Basque photographers Luis Martinez Aniesa, Oskar Gaskon and Manu Barreiro will exhibit a portion of their photographic works at the Otzazki Gallery in Hondarribia, between 14 and 27 October 2017 with an hour from Monday to Friday from 18 to 20:30 h and Saturday and Sunday from 11 to  1:30 p.m. and from 18 to 20:30 h.

Luis Martinez Aniesa is, in addition to photographer, the editor of the blog www.cadadiaunfotografo.com, the largest directory of Spanish-speaking photographers on the network. His photography is very diverse in both the subject matter and the media used, from alternative photography to street photography, to artistic digital in which he has won various national and international awards.

Oskar Gaskón is an Irundarra photographer. He describes his relationship with photography as frustrating at times, of enjoyment and joy in others, but he is sure that for good and evil, he will always be in his life. Winner of multiple national and international awards, among which the Argizaiola Trophy that distinguished him as best Basque photographer in 2012.

Manu Barreiro defines himself as a lover of portraits or photos in which people are protagonists or present, although he enjoys getting lost in some forest or beach to capture his moments… in short, lover of photography. He has also been awarded numerous national and international awards, including the Argizaiola Trophy that he was awarded in 2015.