52 Oh, my Good! The year is over!

Posted on 31 December 2019 in 52 Polaroids 2019, Polaroids

A summary of this photographic year that ends could simply be expressed as “a transition year.”

After a 2018 with important awards, in 2019 I set out to participate in fewer competitions. In the end I participated “only” in 56 salons. The reduction has been in CEF and FIAP competitions, but in local and small competitions I have increased my participation looking for revenues not of glory but of money (but without reaching the amount of last year ).

This is the list of awards:

  • GPU silver in the 43rd Torretes Trophy with Surfer Color.
  • CEF Honorable Mention in the Nicolas Lekuona contest with Surfer Color.
  • AFS honorable mention in the contest Javier Navarro in Segorbe with Luz del Ocaso.
  • ISF Gold in Kaerjeng (Babel Circuit) with Children’s Bath 3.
  • 2nd prize in San Joxepe in Bergara with Anonymous Girl
  • 2nd local prize in the Ciudad de Irún with Hondartza 2.
  • 2nd prize in the Covarsí contest with La dolorosa.
  • FIAP honorable mention in Villajoyosa with Belagua 008, and
  • FLF honorable mention in Villajoyosa with Be Ball.

 I won my first two awards with many photographs taken with my “new and better camera” after 3 years.

I have participated as a jury in 3 salons:

  • Bergara Hiria (EHATE)
  • Autumn Salon – Zaragoza (FIAP-CEF)
  • Bergara Sport (EHATE).

For the rest, I have made (started, thought, finished, presented) an artist book and I have lowered my time dedicated to the blog Cada día un fotógrafo, publishing every two days instead of every day, which has allowed me to dedicate something more tranquility and time to update and catalog my portafolio, take a more thoughtful picture and study a little more photography and adjacent subjects. Even so, I have not made photographic trips or a photograph that deludes me, but I wish that it has helped me to settle my photography to reach another level, perhaps in this 2020. I have made decisions that have not yet borne fruit.


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