After a few years almost without reading and increasing my collection of photography books a little after participating a few years in the PhotobookClub in San Sebastián, this 2020 I have started to read little by little starting with this book Office and memory of a Zaragoza photographer by Julio Sánchez Millán.

It is not a photobook itself and perhaps for this reason, because they are memorable memoirs of his life, of his professional works, and also of the history in the last almost 60 years of Aragon, I go for half of the book and some experiences that relates are from my own story. I find it interesting, enjoyable and well written, touching on topics that also touch my little heart and that make it easier for me to resume the practice of reading, which I had very abandoned.

This book won the CEF prize for the best book the same year that I was awarded the prize for the best means of diffusion of photography by my blog Cada día un fotógrafo.