05 Pablo Serrano – Zaragoza

Posted on 2 February 2020 in Polaroids, 53 Polaroids 2020

Pablo Serrano Aguilar was an Aragonese sculptor (born in Crivillén, Teruel, on February 10, 1908, died in Madrid on November 26, 1985) who is considered one of the most important Spanish artists of the twentieth century. He died in Madrid, giving part of his works to the Pablo Serrano Museum in Zaragoza responsible for investigating, exhibiting and disseminating the artist’s legacy. After his death, interest in his figure has increased and countless exhibitions of his work continue to occur in cities such as Strasbourg, Rome, Buenos Aires, Brasilia, Santiago, Chile, Rabat, Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona …

This museum is located in the old workshops of the provincial hospice, known as Hogar Pignatelli, which were rehabilitated by the Aragonese architect José Manuel Pérez Latorre to adapt them to his new museum function. The Aragonese Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture Pablo Serrano (IAACC) in view of the need to increase the spaces for the conservation of its collections and the organization of exhibitions and other activities promoted the expansion of the building in 2005, tripling the useful space, which went from 2500 m² to the current more than 7000 m², opening on March 23, 2011.

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